System changed for Spinal Surgeries that give less pain

MDPP (Medical Device Partnering Program) researchers will design a new medical device that could vary the system of spinal surgeries.

Industrialized and Innovation Minister Kyam Maher said “The concept that was proposed by the two South Australian clinicians – would receive $30,000 in research and development assistance from the State Government through the Manufacturing Works Medical Technologies Program.”

Mr. Maher stated that in Australia, during the period between 2011 and 2012 – more than 100,000 hospitalizations – facing the back problems, according to the National Hospital Morbidity Database. For spinal fusion surgery – takes the cost of $46,700 per patient.

Karen Reynolds, who is the director of MDPP and also Professor in Flinders University’s, stated according to the National Centre of Biotechnology Information shows the advantages of the patient of simply invasive surgeries over open surgeries includes loss of blood is less, less scars, staying in the hospital is shorter.

Professor Reynolds explains the aim of this project is to provide a good result to achieve the same level of bone graft placement during minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery as achieved during open surgery, without the need to make an additional incision to the patient or remove healthy discs.

Minister Maher said “Often the best ideas for new medical devices come from clinicians, given they are the people who use or administer the technologies” and also added “however, they don’t necessarily have the expertise or capabilities to actually develop the products, which are where the MDPP can step in.”

The MDPP prototype will allow the inventors to show the concept of bone graft for future investors.

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