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  • Biological Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
Minimum Eligibility Required
Undergraduate Admission
  • Complete the application form with the attachment of high school transcript.
  • ACT or SAT test Scores are important. ACT code is 0500,SAT code is 4073.
Postgraduate Admission
  • GRE test scores.
  • 3 Recommendation letters.
  • Official Script.
  • Resume.
  • Application Fee – non refundable
Financial Aids
Fee Detail
Academic Information
  • CWID
Sumit AgarwalSynthesis and characterization of ultra-thin films and nanolaminates for various applications in semiconductor processing, display technology, gas sensors, and micro electromechanical systems.
Nanette R. BoyleAtmospheric carbon dioxide levels have reached a new high (400 ppm) and continue on an upward trend.
Melissa D. KrebsThere is a critical need for replacement tissues due to organ failure and tissue loss. The field of tissue engineering seeks to regenerate diseased or damaged tissues by providing the necessary physical, biochemical, and cellular cues that promote tissue regeneration.
Edward Eivers, Ph.D.Developmental Biology and Cell Signaling
Andrew HerringEnergy with a particular emphasis on Renewable Energy.