Applications Of Biotech On Food processing

Application of biotechnology to food processing in rising countries is a subject of debate and deliberations for a long time.Biotechnological study as practical to bioprocessing in the size of rising countries, targets growth and development of customary fermentation processes. However there are a few issues which need to be discussed in rising countries while using the technology for various applications.

Socio-economic in addition to cultural factors

Traditional fermentation processes engaged in most developing countries are short input, suitable food processing technologies with negligible investment necessities. These process are, however, often unrestrained, unhygienic and inefficient and usually result in products of variable quality and small shelf lives. Fermented foods, nevertheless, find wide consumer getting in developing countries and add considerably to food security and nutrition..

Infrastructural and logistical factors

Corporal infrastructural necessities for the produce, allotment and storage (e.g. by refrigeration) of microbial cultures or enzymes on an incessant basis is generally obtainable in urban areas of many developing countries. However, this is not the case in most rural areas of developing countries.

Should research be oriented to ensure that individuals at all levels can benefit from request of biotechnology in foodstuff fermentation processes? What is necessary for the level of fermentation technologies and procedure controls to be upgrade in order to increase competence, yields and the quality and safety of fermented foods in increasing countries?

Nourishment and foodstuff security

Fermentation process improve the dietary value of foods from side to side the biosynthesis of vitamins, necessary amino acids and proteins, through improving protein and fiber digestibility; enhancing micronutrient bioavailability and humiliating anti-nutritional factors.

Intellectual property rights (IPRs)

The processes used in the higher areas of agricultural biotechnology tend to be enclosed by IPRs this apply also to biotechnology process used in food processing. On the other hand, many of the traditional fermentation processes applied in mounting countries are base on traditional knowledge

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