Molecular Biotechnology

What is Molecular Biotechnology?

The study of nucleic acids and proteins using the lab techniques is called Molecular Biotechnology. It involves a greater scope for various kinds of research and analysis. The various kinds of research involved are immunology, microbiology, genetics, cell Biology and molecular biology. The importance of Molecular Biotechnology is becoming an imminent process in the field of Agriculture. The main goal of Molecular Biotechnology is to understand the different biological processes involved and creation of sensible products.

History of Molecular Biotechnology:

The Study of Macromolecules and Macromolecular mechanisms which has an appearance in the living organisms is called Molecular Biotechnology. The molecular Biotechnology's main aim is to focus on the structure and the function of the gene, nature of the gene, replication of the gene, expressions and mutations of the genes. The concept of Molecular Biotechnology was introduced from the year 1930 and 1940 and it was not that imminent at the initial stages of its introduction it only received an importance in the years 1950s and 1960s. The use of Molecular Biotechnology was done by geneticists, structural chemists and physicists. Francis crick introduced himself as a molecular Biologist and described further as “a mixture of a crystallographer”.

Benefits of Molecular Biotechnology:

There are certain reasons with regards to the benefits of molecular biotechnology; the benefits are related to the environment. It helps in inspecting the environment and it helps in monitoring the needs through Molecular biotechnology, it makes the experts to understand the environmental, management needs and the risk involved and evaluates the risk factor efficiently. Any damages to soil or water it helps to provide treatment. With the help of introduction of Molecular Nanotechnology and Green Technology the inspection is done more promptly and efficiently. In case of any environmental disputes the process of Molecular Biotechnology plays an important role to examine the kind of dispute and helps to provide a suitable solution to the dispute.

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