The achievement of The Human Genome Project

It's an exceptional project that come in previous than predictable and under-budget, but the Human Genome Project did both. The objective of the project was to chart the entire human genome to additional genetic research and sympathetic. It was predictable to take 15 years and cost $200M in (inflation adjusted) dollars for each year. Actually, it took 13 years and came in more than 20% under budget. The project achieved this and at the same time actually improved upon its initial goals and achieved accuracy of 99.99%.

There are two main reasons for this success:

  1. Technology improvement - Hereditary sequencing was a new technology and expenses fell speedily as process enhanced and computerization augmented. Originally the cost per base was predictable at $0.25 and it finally came in at $0.09, 36% of the expected level.
  2. Cooperation â€" Though primarily US funded the project was open and transparent and many other organizations contribute to the effort with the result that the initial funders did about 70% of the total work.

Other Factors

Other less major factors were suppleness in that the plans for the project were done on a 5 quite than 15 year basis and frequently revised. Secondly, the goals for the project were clear and quantifiable from the very start resultant in clear project focus.

Cost vs. Budget

Cost vs. Budget in millions of 1998 price rises attuned dollars is shown below. It is clear how the project only scaled towards the end once efficiency was achieved and also achieved significant investments by achieving its goals two years ahead of listed.