Biotechnology Facts

Heal the World

Infectious diseases are the leading cause of death and new infectious diseases continue to emerge. Here are some ways in which it could be healed:

- Reduce the rates of infectious diseases.

- By saving millions of children's lives.

- Change the odds of serious, life threatening conditions which affects millions around the world.

- Tailoring treatments to every single person to minimize health risks and other side effects.

- By creating more applicable tools for disease detection.

- Solving major illnesses and everyday threats which confront the developing world.

Fuel the World

Gas emissions are reduced by making use of the natural resources and making it more efficient for the people to use biofuels. Here are some of the ways in which it could be done:

- By streaming the steps in chemical manufacturing processes by 80% or more than that.

- Lessing the temperature for cleaning clothes and by this potentially saving $4.1 billion annually.

- To improve manufacturing process efficiency by saving 50% or more on operating costs.

- By Reducing the use of reliance on petrochemicals.

- To use bio fuels for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 52% or more.

- Tapping full potential of traditional biomass waste products.

Feed the World

The potential for agricultural biotechnology is to boost food production and its quality in the developing countries. So here are some of the ways in which it could be provided:

- By generating high crop yields with few inputs.

- To Lower the volumes of agricultural chemicals which is required by crops-limiting the run-off of these such products into the environment.

- The Use of biotech crops that needs only few applications of pesticides and allows the farmers to reduce tilling farmland.

- Developing the crops with enhanced nutrition profile that actually solves vitamin and nutrient deficiencies.

- Producing foods which are free of allergens and toxins such as mycotoxins.

- By improving the food and crop oil content to help in improving cardiovascular health.

Some Interesting Facts Of Biotechnology:

-Biotechnology had been practiced thousands of years long back by the humans, specifically in farming and pharmaceuticals.

- The brewing and fermenting of alcohol, mostly by the Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians, and the use of yeast in bread making would fall under biotechnology.

- "Biotechnology" this term is been first used in 1919 by Karoly Ereky.

- As biotechnology started, the additional subfields of science have been created, which includes genomics, gene therapy, immunology, etc.

- The crucial application of biotechnology was the production of antibiotics to fight infection.

- The researchers are continuing to develop and update in biofuels in order to cut down the usage on fossil fuel mining and greenhouse gas emissions.

- These are the four important types of applications in biotechnology: medical, agriculture, non-food agriculture, and environmental applications.